Checklist of personal items to bring with you on the Sea of Cortez trip

Updated 11-15-2016
G Valid Passport which expires after 2017
US visa and all paperwork if not from the US
G Mexican tourist visa (It will be given to you to fill out on the plane.  Keep it with your passport--you will need it on the trip).
G Materials for personal devotions
G Swim suit
G Mask
G Fins (strap-type recommended)
G Snorkel
G Wading shoes (or dive booties to fit into fins)
G Wetsuit
G Towel
G Washcloth
G Toiletries & medicines
G Eating utensils:  bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon, cup
G Clothes for warm weather, plus long pants and jacket for cool weather
G Walking shoes or sandals
G Sunglasses
G Sunblock
G Water bottle
G Wide brimmed hat
G Sleeping bag or blanket
G Sleeping pad
G Flashlight
G Tent with mosquito netting (sharing is good)
G Simple camera
G Binoculars
G Mexican bird book if you have one
G Data/Log book for recording each day's activities/observations/questions
G English-Spanish dictionary if you have one