Lab Members

Principal Investigator
Kirt Onthank
Kirt L. Onthank


PhD: Washington State University, 2013 (Supervisor: Dr. Ray Lee)
MS: Walla Walla University, 2008 (Supervisor: Dr. David Cowles)
BS: Walla Walla University, 2006

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Current Graduate Students

Joy Williams

Joy Williams

Project: Mechanisms of sex determination in octopuses

Ricky Wright

Ricky Wright

Project: Impact of ocean acidification in RNA editing in octopus optic lobe


Alan Verde

Affiliation: Maine Maritime Academy

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Lloyd Trueblood

Affiliation: La Sierra University

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Chris Reeve

Graduated: 2016
Current: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Maureen Hayden

Graduated: 2017
Current: Doctoral Student, Texas A&M University, Wicksten Lab

Taylir Schrock

Graduated: 2018
Current: Sacred Heart Medical Center


Monica Culler

Graduated: 2019
Current: Seattle Pacific University


Katie Pekar

Graduated: 2019
Current: Foundry Vineyards

JoMarie Alba

JoMarie Alba

Graduated: 2020
Current: University of Alaska, Southeast

Sofie Sonner

Sofie Sonner

Graduated: 2021
Current: EPA Headquarters, Washington D.C.

Jaydee Sereewit

Ariyatath (Jaydee) Sereewit

Graduated: 2022
Current: Research Scientist, University of Washington, Greninger Lab

Jesse Humbert

Jefferson (Jesse) Humbert

Graduated: 2022
Current: Doctoral Student, San Diego State University, Hovel Lab

Jesse Humbert

Cheyne Springbett

Graduated: 2023
Current: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission